Batting Tee for Baseball, Softball and T Ball

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The Multi-Tee is easily the best double batting tee on the market. The Multi-Tee is an extremely versatile and effective batting tee with an unique design built to put the ball within the correct position for both inside, middle and outside pitch training. This professional batting tee comes with an adjustable neck, which makes it a valuable and effective hitting tool for baseball, softball and t ball batting practice. Utilizing the Multi-Tees double-tee design you can evaluate you, or your players swing and make the necessary corrections to improve play. There are many other benefits to the Multi-Tee including easy set-up, lifetime guarantee on tee tops and free access to on-line drills and demonstrations. Get your Multi-Tee today, or click here to learn more!

  • Baseball and Softball batting tee that puts the ball in the correct hitting zone
  • Hitting tee top that has a lifetime warranty
  • Two tee tops for special hitting drills
  • Dozens of hitting positions for this batting tee

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